A Millennialist Rant About the Age of Aquarius

If my astrological and historical research is of any indication, Humanity is up for an evolutionary transformation in the millennium ahead of us. The entry of the vernal point into the fixed sign of Aquarius in the twenty-fourth century AD, will have an impact on the condition of humanity equal to the rise of civilisation, which occurred in the last fixed Aeon, that of Taurus (4099BC-1943BC). Since Aquarius is connected to science, space, and electricity, properties of its element Air, the evolutionary change will head in these directions. Biotech, blending with machines, space colonisation. And the monuments they build will be long lasting. Think pyramids.

The Kardashev scale. Type I-Planetary civilisation (Aeon of Pisces and all previous Aeons), Type II-Stellar civilisation (Aeon of Aquarius), Type III-Galactic civilisation (Aeon of Capricorn)
The planetary Ruler of Men in the Aeon of Aquarius will be the Sun. Now it is everyones time to shine, for everyone is a star. Note the development of mass media in our transitory Information Age, with stars shining upon us through display screens. Ever increasing proliferation and diffusion of "stardom" on the internet. But perhaps anything associated with the Sun: solar power, nuclear fusion mimicking the processes current on the Sun, individualism, the ego. The Solar System, I really hope humanity transits to another stage on the Kardashev scale.  

Future Aeons

The planetary Ruler of Men in the Aeon of Capricorn will be the satelite of Earth, Luna. I am therefore positive that the transition into it will lead us to the Type III civilisation, and humanity, or whatever becomes of it in the Aeon of Aquarius, will build the Dyson Sphere, a large satelite of a star that will harness its power. If humanity becomes a galactic civilisation in the Aeon of Capricorn, there is the symbolism of stars of the Milky Way being themselves satellites of a black hole in the Galactic Centre. And then the Aeon of Sagittarius will come, and the Galactic Centre is in Sagittarius. The Aeon of Sagittarius will also see an Achsenzeit Conjunction.
The Dyson sphere