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Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Aries on 21 April Will Begin a Period of Change

In my study of the Jupiter-Uranus cycle I have found the conjunctions forming a strange pattern. Periods of stability, where the conjunctions happen in Earth and Water sings, that is the feminine signs, is replaced by the period of irregularity where the conjunctions happen periodically in all elements, and then replaced by a period of stability where the conjunctions will occur in a consecutive pattern in Fire and Air signs.  2066 - Scorpio 2051 - Virgo 2037 - Gemini 2024 - Aries 2010 - Pisces 1997 - Capricorn 1983 - Scorpio Jupiter is the chief Olympian, and represents religious orthodoxy, in our post-religious, disenchanted world the reigning ideology. Uranus represents spontaneity. If anything is repressed, the energy of Uranus will make it rebel, if anything is free, the energy of Uranus will make it flourish. Uranus has been associated with scientific discoveries. Scientific discoveries are the consequence of technology, the discovery of Uranus for instance was made possible by b

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