America's Uranus Return 2029

The pictures below begin with the natal chart of the United States, which I calculated for 10 AM 4 July 1776. I don't know much about the US history but I have assumed that the signatories of the Declaration of Independence already had the document ready by 4 July 1776, and given that Anglos don't work before 9 AM, I set the time to 10 AM. The Sidereal chart that I cast neatly puts the natal Sun into Gemini, the sign traditionally associated with the United States.
However, I have seen both evening charts and morning natal charts of the United States. A reliable first hand account could resolve the issue. I am looking for memoirs, minutiae, personal diaries of the participants. Should this post be found by anyone more knowledgeable of US history, do not hesitate to help me in the comments.  
With the planet Uranus, a discrepancy of few hours would place the gas giant off by few minutes, which in the present study is of little importance. 1861 is the start of the American Civil War. I have found another return in 1944, 5 days after the D-Day landing. Then I found another one on 30 April 1945, that's literally the day Hitler committed suicide in his bunker. Another return shall happen in 2029.
US Natal Chart 1776
Outbreak of the Civil War 1861
5 Days after the D-Day landings 1944

Hitler's Suicide 30 April 1945
Future Uranus Return 2029


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